School - From kinetic equations to statistical mechanics

Saint Jean de Monts, from june 29th to july 3rd 2020

Organization board: Frédéric Hérau (Université de Nantes), Laurent Michel (Université de Bordeaux), Karel Pravda-Starov (Université de Rennes 1)

Scientific board: Laurent Michel (Université de Bordeaux), Denis Talay (INRIA Nice), Tony Lelièvre (École des Ponts-Paristech), Isabelle Gallagher (ENS Paris)

Statistical mechanics is at the crossroad of several research topics such as kinetic equations, mathematical physics, probability, partial differential equations and numerical analysis.

Recent breakthroughs have been obtained in the study of metastability for degenerate systems, about the return to equilibrium for kinetic equations or chains of oscillators, in numerics and in the study of models in molecular chemistry or kinetic theory.

Several approaches very distinct some years ago have came together with a large porosity of methods in the study of these complex systems (probabilistic methods, spectral methods, numerical methods, interactions with plasma physicists or molecular chemists).

This summer school in statistical mechanics aims at training young researchers as well as confirmed ones to these transversal methods in the following topics :

  • Hypocoercivity and return to equilibrium (kinetic equations)
  • Probabilistic methods for complex systems (probability)
  • Metastability, theoretical and numerical analysis (semiclassical analysis)
  • Theoretical analysis and mathematical modeling (molecular physics and chemistry)




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